The origin of salsa is unknown. Some claim that it’s rooted deep in African tradition. Some say it was a Puerto Rican dance and others argue that it is fundamentally Cuban. Although this debate may never be settled, one fact stands. Salsa has become a fantastic melange of many dances, reflective of the people who enjoy it. Widely accepted as one of the popular latin partner dances, salsa brings people together from different cultures, different languages, skin colors, and lifestyles, from night clubs to classes to living rooms and verandas. Salsa knows no barriers, and is celebrated across the globe.

The Boston Salsa University was founded in January, 2009, as an effort to share the fun of the dance with the BU community. The goal of this club is to introduce our members to the salsa community, teach them the basics of the dance, and encourage them to further pursue dancing as a lifelong hobby. We aim to provide a comfortable environment where dancers of all skill levels can learn, meet other dancers, improve, and above all, enjoy themselves getting lost in the fluid combination of the African drumbeats and the Spanish guitar.